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Looking for a Landscaper

1 Decide what you need.
  A. Clean up your existing landscape? (Mow, Prune, Fertilize, etc...)
  B. Plant Replacement: Plants unsuitable, unhealthy or overgrown?
  C. Total Facelift: New home or nonfunctional design, drainage problems or tired of existing landscape?

2 Select the kind of help you want.
  A. Consultation only
  B. Design only
  C. Design and Installation
  D. Design, Installation and Maintenance (Full Service)
  E. Maintenance only

3 Select a professional. Ask about:
  A. Education
  B. Experience: How long in business?
  C. References
  D. Are all certfications, licenses and insurances up-to-date?
   E.  What code of ethics do they follow? 
  F.  What warranties do they offer?

4 Working with the landscaper:
  A. Don't be afraid to ask questions
  B. Collect your ideas before the first visit by the landscaper. What do you think you might want? (Look at magazines & books for examples)
  C. Decide on a budget. You can do more if you install a comprehensive plan over several years.
  D. Plan ahead! December - February and July & August are the best times for consultations and designs.
  E. Expect your landscape to change over time.
     *New landscapes take 2-3 years to establish
     *Many plants will not "look their best" year round
     *Your landscaper can provide varied colors, scents and wildlife habitat in your landscape.
     *Ongoing maintenance will be needed and will change over time.
       Ask your landscaper about these!
  F. Expect high quality plants
  G. Expect to pay a consultation fee. (Ask before the first visit)